What to expect

Restorative Health Care Appointments

At our esteemed Holistic Care Center, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled services that promote holistic well-being and empower individuals to achieve optimal health. With a team of highly skilled practitioners and a client-centered approach, we aim to go beyond conventional healthcare practices to address the mind, body, and spirit as interconnected facets of wellness.

Chiropractic Appointments

Intake Forms

Your Appointments – For your first chiropractic adjustment, please fill out our New Patient Form and the patient payment agreement. These will provide us with essential information with which to enhance your chiropractic care.

If you are unable to fill out these forms at home, please arrive at least ten minutes early, and our staff will provide them for you.

During a base chiropractic appointment, Dr. Carter will perform a short consultation, an examination, and an adjustment. Additional services, such as taping, activities of daily living and exercises, will be provided on an as-needed basis determined by Dr. Carter. These services carry additional fees.

Thermography Appointments

Before your thermography appointment, PLEASE adhere to our Thermography Guidelines. This will greatly assist the accuracy of your scans. Please fill out the relevant health history forms and bring them to your appointment.

If you are unable to fill out these forms at home, you may do so during your thermography scan. During your thermography appointment, you will acclimate in our temperature-controlled room for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Dr. Carter will then perform your thermography scans and briefly consult with you about any symptoms or concerns. After the appointment, our staff will send the scans to a certified thermography interpreter, who will provide a professional reading. These results will be sent to you through US mail, after which Dr. Carter will provide a fifteen-minute consultation to discuss your breast health needs and any further treatment.